What can I do with my listing to reach out to more parents?

To make the most effective use of your listing in order to attract parents, there are a number of actions you can take:

  • Add business photos - Adding real photos of your business and your students enjoying your classes (with permission of course) makes your page more appealing for parents. Page viewers get to see what your business is like and become more familiarized with it.
  • Getting reviews for your listing - Reading reviews written by other parents is the best way to get prospective parents to trust in your services. Try asking your current clients to write some reviews on your VersatileKids page.
  • Add a class schedule if you haven't already, or add a custom message to go under your Classes Schedule tab.
  • Add tags to your listing by visiting the "Tags" tab on the Provider Dashboard. This will help parents find your listing when searching for specific key words you tag your business with, not only on VersatileKids but on Google as well.
  • Enter a well-thought-out description for your business. The more detailed, the more parents will learn about your services.
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