Why should I use VersatileKids for parents to pay and register online?

In today's world most parents like to use a method to register and pay online. Its much more convenient for you as well as parents.

  • Quick and easy payment process for parents. Parents will have no problem registering and paying for your classes/camps. The easier it is to register and pay for your classes, the more likely they will do so!
  • Get all your registration forms online. Parents can submit their medical, emergency forms and agree to waivers online. 
  • No setup or up-front fees required. We only charge a small, fixed commission fee of 6.9%( promotional price, regular 8.9%) for each transaction made.

  • Transfers of customer payment to your bank account in 2 days. Receive any of the payments made for your classes/camps after two business days!

  • Effortless management of customer payments and refunds. Our payment management solutions are simple to use and easy to navigate through, so you don't have to waste time trying to learn how to use it. 

  • Automatic creation of financial records for your business. Each transaction made for your business via VersatileKids is automatically saved for your own business records and future reference.



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